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Now saying ‘Ok Google’ to your Android phone can search inside apps

Android's Material Design facelift is eventually going to trickle down into the entirety of Google's services, but for now the folks in Mountain View are just trying to make sure all its apps look consistent. The latest in a long line of Android apps to get the redesign treatment is Google's Search for Android, but that new look just might be the least interesting thing about it. No no, with the update in place, you can just speak and have Google search within apps installed on your phone. Itching to pull up tracks on TuneIn or get cracking on your holiday travel plans through TripAdvisor? All it'll take is a quick "OK Google" command to get things started.

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Via: TechCrunch, Droid-Life

Source: Google Inside Search

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RunKeeper gets into the step-tracking game with Breeze

When it comes to being fit, it's really the small stuff that counts. You can go to the gym as much as you want, run five miles every morning -- but if you eat like crap, drive yourself to the corner store and take the elevator every morning to your 2nd floor office, it'll be all for naught. RunKeeper can already help track each training session as you make your way from couch to 5K, now it's trying to motivate you to keep moving between runs with Breeze. The iOS-only app uses the iPhone 5s' M7 chip to track your movements and count the number of steps you take. Of course, pedometer apps are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. Breeze attempts to set itself apart through simplicity and minimizing user interaction.

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Source: RunKeeper

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